Tim DeChristopher honored with 2015 Planet Defender Award

We're happy to share that Tim was just honored with a 2015 Planet Defender Award by Rock the Earth.  Read the full press release. Thanks, Rock the Earth!


Excerpt from the press release:

Planet Defender Award - Grassroots Activist - Tim DeChristopher

The 2015 Planet Defender Award (Grassroots Activist) recognizes Tim DeChristopher for his profound acts of civil disobedience to garner awareness and drive action on behalf of environmental protection and climate justice.

DeChristopher believes deeply in the critical role of civil disobedience in social movements throughout history and in the importance of employing those tactics in today's environmental movement. His acts of civil disobedience have garnered national attention for government auctions of public land leases in the final days of the Bush administration as retold in the award-winning documentary, Bidder 70. In addition to his work on advocating for climate justice, DeChristopher has expressed the need for employing civil disobedience to end mountaintop removal mining in his home state of West Virginia.

Grassroots activist, Tim DeChristopher, said, "I'm honored to receive this award alongside such awesome visionaries as Xavier Rudd and Hunter Lovins. Every day there are more of us standing up for climate justice, and we will continue to rise up in the face of the these challenges."

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