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    Bryan Cahall

    Bryan Cahall

    Bryan Cahall is a storyteller, poet, and singer-songwriter based in Providence, RI. 

    Tim and Bryan collaborate to offer powerful events weaving together speaking, music and song.   Tim has often said, "We will be a movement when we sing like a movement.”  Bryan's music helps reminds us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.    

    Connect with Bryan


    For events inquiries featuring Tim DeChristopher and Bryan Cahall, please contact us here. We can also connect you with Bryan if you'd like to discuss a booking a solo event or other appearance.

    Event featuring Tim and Bryan

    About the Music

    There is a rich tradition of singing poets who've seen themselves foremost as witnesses and keepers of cultural memory and who've shared their gifts of expression to inspire, to console, to remind, and to widen their circle of sympathetic fellows. 

    With debts to Southern blues and gospel, Irish balladry, the winking pathos of the Dust Bowl-era songsters, and the folk revival of the 1960's, Bryan's songs are distinctly American.

    Bryan's First Album

    You may preview and purchase A Gate City Songbag by Bryan Cahall via CDBaby and  iTunes.

     Bryan Cahall on CDBaby


    The following playlist  features videos of Bryan Cahall on the Tim DeChristopher Youtube Channel.



  • We Have Entered the Age of Anticipatory Mass Graves

    The video above features Tim DeChristopher's words from today's #StopSpectra action in West Roxbury, MA. Tim, area clergy and others took action to focus attention on the fact that Spectra's new MASS fracked gas pipelines will lead to MASS graves abroad due to climate change and rising temperatures. This afternoon Tim and others climbed into Spectra's trenches and were later arrested. See Resist the West Roxbury Pipeline for details.  We'll be sharing more on this action once Tim is released.

    "This is not just a pipeline trench. What they are digging is a mass grave, because in this age of anticipatory mass graves, we know that every new fossil fuel development that commits us to burning fossil fuels for decades, when we put in this infrastructure, we know that every new fossil fuel infrastructure will lead to another mass grave somewhere in the world."

    - Tim DeChristopher

    This is DeChristopher's first act of civil disobedience resulting in arrest following his notable "Bidder 70" action, arrest, nearly 2 year imprisonment, and 3 years of probation which ended this Spring.


    Video above by Kori Feener. Thanks for capturing the action!


    Full resolution photos for media use here.

    Full resolution photos for media use here. Slideshow below.


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    Tim DeChristopher Sustainers

    Tim Dechristopher

    I think the foundation of a social movement needs to be in organizations and institutions, but I think there is also a critical role for a few independent movement catalysts who can say and do the things that established groups cannot. I have found myself in that position, and I think it is important that I can keep serving that role. 

    That’s why I need your support.  I’ve decided the best way to fund my work and maintain my integrity as an independent activist is to build my own network of supporters who can contribute $5, $10 or $20 a month so I can continue to push the boundaries of this movement.

    As a sustainer, the amount of support you select below WILL BE BILLED MONTHLY until you choose to end it via your payment account (PayPal). 

    We have people signing up at many levels of support.  Thank you for joining the community funding my work and activism.



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    Climate One: Fighting Fossil Fuels All the Way to Prison

    Climate One Event

    The audio from Climate One's event "Fighting Fossil Fuels All the Way to Prison" featuring
    Tim DeChristopher, Georgia Hirsty and Brendon Steele is now available. 
    Event Description
    How far would you go to get the message out about climate change? Recently at The Commonwealth Club, Climate One founder Greg Dalton was joined by two guests who put the “active” in “activist,” and a third guest who thinks perhaps you can be more effective with different tactics. 

    Last summer, Greenpeace’s Georgia Hirsty and twelve other activists suspended themselves off of a Portland bridge on ropes for over 24 hours to protest an oil rig bound for the Arctic. As the ship steamed towards them, Hirsty hailed it by radio, ordering it to stop. There were long moments of tension as the activists waited to see what the captain would do. They ultimately managed to delay the ship for over 40 hours, and create a lot of media attention. Tim DeChristopher, also known as bidder 70, ended up serving 21 months in jail for his act of civil disobedience when he outbid oil companies for oil and gas leases on parcels of land around Arches and Canyonlands National Parks… of course without intention to pay. His story not only made headlines, but has been made into a movie, also titled Bidder 70. And the oil is still in the ground to this day.  

    Activism as an extreme sport gets headlines, and in some cases, results. But wouldn’t it be more effective to try to change things from within? Greg’s third guest, Brendon Steele, thinks so. He believes working collaboratively on the inside of companies is a better way to influence their behavior than confrontation and villainization. His non-profit, Future 500, works closely with energy corporations to encourage more sustainable business practices, through shareholder engagement and other methods.

    • Tim DeChristopher, Founder, Climate Disobedience Center
    • Georgia Hirsty, National Warehouse Program Manager, Greenpeace
    • Brendon Steele, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500

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    Tim DeChristopher - January 2016 Seattle, WA Events


    Tim will be in Seattle, WA January 11th through 16th supporting the Delta 5 trial with the Climate Disobedience Center team.

    Tim has multiple events scheduled, including An Evening with Tim DeChristopher supporting the Delta 5, and a talk later in the week on The Power of Civil Disobedience.  If you are in the area, please join one or more of these events.  After this next week Tim heads to San Francisco.

    Week of Jan 11th - Support the Delta 5 trial
    Learn more about this historic climate trial at
    Read the press release for this trial.

    Tuesday, Jan 12th, 6:30pm - An evening with Tim DeChristopher
    Discussion, dinner and fundraiser supporting the Delta 5
    Bring your questions about civil disobedience, the necessity defense or the delta 5 trial for Tim. Donations support Delta 5 legal expenses.
    Woodland Park Presbyterian Church
    225 N 70th St, Seattle, Washington 98103
    Facebook event

    Wednesday, January 13th at 8:00am Pacific - Radio
    Corvallis 104.3 FM • Hood River 91.9 FM • Portland 90.7 FM
    The Necessity of Disobedience, with guest Tim DeChristopher
    KBOO radio
    interview on the Wednesday Talk Radio program.

    Friday, January 15, 8 pm - Seattle
    Pinchot University MBA and sustainability program students
    Event Details

    Saturday, Jan 16th, 7pm - The Power of Civil Disobedience: Awakening Our Spirits to the Challenge of the Climate Crisis
    University Unitarian Church
    6556 35th Avenue NE
    Seattle, WA 98115
    Facebook Event
    Event Details on Sustainable NE Seattle



  • Tim Dechristopher radio interview on The Forecast

    On October 21, 2015 Tim was a guest on The Forecast.  You may listen to the program on their archive page. Tim's interview starts 6 minutes 30 seconds into the program.

    The Forecast is a monthly show on climate change broadcast and livestreamed on WRFI, the community radio station in Ithaca, NY.  In the two years since they've been on the air, The Forecast has had terrific guests  -- Professors Mark Jacobson, Tony Ingraffea, Sandra Steingraber, Dahr Jamail, Lindsay Abrams from, Phil Aroneaunu from, and most recently, Jonathan Lunine.

    Visit The Forcecast website.


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    Upcoming Events

    Terry Tempest Williams and Tim DeChristopher. Sept 2013.
    Photo courtesy of the Lannan Foundation.

    The following are upcoming events where Tim is speaking, leading workshops or will be in attendance.


    Climate Solutions: Meeting the Challenge
    Climate Justice Activist, Tim DeChristopher
    Friday, October 28, 7 PM
    First Parish in Concord, 20 Lexington Rd, Concord, MA
    Google Map | Venue Website

    Climate Solutions: Meeting the Challenge Speaker Series is co-sponsored by First Parish in Concord, ConcordCAN!, the Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters, Mothers Out Front, Musketaquid Arts and Environment, Trinitarian congregational Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, and the West Concord Union Church.

    First Unitarian Church of Providence, RI
    Leading Children's Chapel Service with Bryan Cahall
    November 13, 2016   
    One Benevolent St., Providence, RI


    Prison Ministries Service - Online
    Church of the Larger Fellowship
    Friday, February 17, 2017
    Details URL to come.
    Learn about CLF's prison ministry


    Tim DeChristopher & Bryan Cahall
    Themes Speaker and Music Leader
    Star Island Natural History Week
    June 17-24, 2017


    See Tim's Youtube channel for playlists of interviews and talks.


    Previous Events


    August 20-24th
    Bryan Cahall and I will be heading to New Orleans for a major climate movement convergence August 20-24th. There will be several protests against a major auction of 24 million acres of public lands for offshore oil drilling. Since Obama has clearly named the Gulf Coast as a national sacrifice zone for fossil fuels, the area is becoming one of the most important frontlines in the struggle for climate justice. Since I haven’t spent much time there, I’ll be spending that week in New Orleans primarily to get to know the local community of resistance and develop a better understanding of their struggle.

    Star Lifespan Lifespan Religious Education Week
    Saturday, July 16th - Saturday, July 23rd - Star Island, NH
    Theme: "Sustainability + Faith : A New Way of Living"
    Tim DeChristopher week-long theme speaker
    Conference details:
    Register on Star Island website:

    June 10th, 2016 - Film Screening and Q&A
    Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival,  Manchester, TN
    Green Screens Presented by Rock The Earth: "How To Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change" - Q&A with producer Deia Schlosberg and subject/activist Tim DeChristopher.
    5:15 PM - 7:35 PM

    Spend an Evening With Guardians and Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher
    Friday, May 20th, 2016 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
    WildEarth Guardians  Eighth Annual Howling Affair
    The Curtis Hotel, 1405 Curtis Street, Denver, CO
    Details and Tickets 

    West Coast Film Tour
    May 12th - 18th Tim will be joining Josh Fox and team for the West Coast tour of the film How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can't Change. He will also be leading workshops for area activists. 

    Keep It In the Ground Action Camp
    May 7-12th  near Denver, CO
    To avoid catastrophic climate change , scientists estimate that approximately 80% of proven fossil fuel resources need to stay in the ground. From May 7th -12th, national and regional organizations will be hosting the Keep It In The Ground Action Camp to support action training, leadership development and capacity building for a stronger climate justice movement. Our work together will focus on campaigns and strategies to keep fossil fuels in the ground - ending the leasing of public lands and waters for drilling and mining; stopping proposed fossil fuel infrastructure and development; and the rapid transition of our existing extraction-based economy to one that is sustainable, just, and based on 100% clean renewable energy. Organizations that are a part of the steering committee include:, Center for Biological Diversity, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, The Ruckus Society, and WildEarth Guardians.


    Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA
    Monday, April 18, 2016   
    Delivering Earth Day Lecture

    Tim DeChristopher:  Wielding the Power of Vulnerability
    Thursday, April 7th at 7pm - Portland, OR
    This is the 2016 Sewell Lecture (Open to Public)
    First Unitarian Church of Portland Sanctuary ▪ 1211 S.W. Main St., Portland OR 97205

    There is an additional workshop for faith leaders the Saturday after this event...

    Saturday, April 9th, 10am - 3pm - Portland, OR
    Climate Change Tools for Faith Communities
    First Unitarian Church of Portland
    Workshop for faith leaders


    Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
    DC premiere of How to Let Go of the World
    Saturday, March 26 at 6:30pm - Washington DC
    Join us at the Carnegie Institution, as we close the 24th Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital with the Washington, DC premiere of How to Let Go of the World (and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change). Oscar-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox will receive the Festival’s Documentary Award for Environmental Advocacy. Directed by Josh Fox. Produced by Deia Schlosberg. Edited by Annukka Lilja and Greg King.
    Discussion with filmmaker Josh Fox and film subjects and activists Tim DeChristopher and Aria Doe will follow screening.

    Sunday, March 6th at 5pm Pacific - Portland / Online
    Sunday Soul

    Tim will be speaking at the Facing Fear, Confronting Change - Sunday Soul service of the First Unitarian Portland and Church of the Larger Fellowship. You may participate in person or online.

    Sunday, March 6th
    Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Workshop

    Climate Disobedience and the Necessity Defense (LAW 243)
    This panel will discuss the recent trend in climate disobedience actions to offer a necessity defense, showcasing the Delta 5 trial in Bellingham this January, and introducing two organizations - the Climate Disobedience Center and Climate Defense Project - recently launched to support this effort. The panel of activists, including leaders of the Shell No! and Lobster Boat Blockade, and legal experts will consider the legal, narrative and political value of the necessity defense and other legal tools, such as pro se defense and barriers to their use. Panelists: Ken Ward, Climate Disobedience Center/Lobster Boat Blockade; Tim DeChristopher, Climate Disobedience Center Founder; Abby Brockway, Delta 5 Defendant; Ahmed Gaya, Rising Tide North America; Joseph (Ted) Hamilton, Climate Defense Project

    Tuesday, February 2nd - Moab, UT 
    How to Let Go of the World (and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change
    Screening with Josh Fox and Tim DeChristopher
    Star Hall @ 7pm
    159 E Center St, Moab, UT 84532

    Monday, February 1st - Vernal, UT
    Screening with Josh Fox and Tim DeChristopher
    How to Let Go of the World (and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change
    Uintah Library @ 7pm
    204 E 100 N, Vernal, UT 84078
    Facebook Event

    LATE January  - Park City, Utah
    Sundance Film Festival
    Tim supporting premiere of the new Josh Fox documentary How to Let Go of the World (and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change.

    Friday, January 22 at 7:30 PM
    Tim DeChristopher - Discussion on Ecological Leadership
    Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
    505 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto, California 94306
    Facebook Event

    Friday, January 22 at 1pm - Berkeley, CA / Radio
    Project Censored Show radio interview
    Pacifica RaKPFA

    Friday, January 22 at 12pm - San Francisco, CA / Radio
    The Living Room with Kris Welch radio interview
    KPFA 94.1 FM

    Thursday, January 21st,  6:15pm
    Event with Students of the Starr King School for the Ministry
    2441 Le Conte Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94709

    Wednesday, January 20  at 7pm
    Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo
    In Conversation on Ecological Leadership
    300 E Santa Inez Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401   

    Tuesday, January 19th, 6:30 pm - San Francisco, CA
    Tim DeChristopher - Fighting Fossil Fuels All the Way to Prison
    Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
    555 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-9824
    Event Details and Tickets

    Tuesday, January 19th, 10-11am - San Francisco, CA / Radio
    YOUR CALL with Rose Aguilar radio interview
    KALW's 91.7FM call-in show: Politics and culture, dialogue and debate.
    Join the conversation at 1-866-798-TALK

    Saturday, January 16th,  7pm -  Seattle
    Talk/Discussion: The Power of Civil Disobedience:  Awakening Our Spirits to the Challenge of the Climate Crisis
    University Unitarian Church
    6556 35th Avenue NE
    Seattle, WA 98115
    Facebook Event

    Friday, January 15, 8 pm - Seattle
    Pinchot University MBA and sustainability program students
    Event Details 

    Wednesday, January 13th at 8:00am Pacific - Radio
    Corvallis 104.3 FM • Hood River 91.9 FM • Portland 90.7 FM
    The Necessity of Disobedience, with guest Tim DeChristopher
    KBOO radio
    interview on the Wednesday Talk Radio program.

    Tuesday, January 12th 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM - Seattle
    Evening with Tim DeChristopher / Delta 5 Fundraiser
    Tim will be in Seattle supporting the Delta5 Trial. Please join us for an evening with Tim, dinner and fundraiser. All proceeding will go to the Delta5's legal expenses.

    Woodland Park Presbyterian Church
    225 N 70th St, Seattle, Washington 98103
    Facebook Event

    Monday, January 11th - Seattle
    Tim and the Climate Disobedience Center team will be in the Seattle area supporting the Detla 5 climate trial, see related Climate Disobedience Center posts.

    Sunday, January 10th - Providence, RI
    Tim Preaching at First Unitarian Church of Providence on prison reform.

    Thursday, November 19th at 7pm - Jamaica Plain, MA (Boston area)
    Tim DeChristopher, Wen Stephenson, Marla Marcum and Jay O'Hara
    What We’re Fighting for Now is Each Other: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Climate Justice. 
    Hosted by The Jamaica Plain Forum
    6 Eliot St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 Google Map
    Event details:
    Jamaica Plain Forum website
    Facebook Event

    Wednesday, November 11th at 7pm - New York, NY
    Tim DeChristopher and Sharon Salzberg

    The Rubin presents a conversation between activist Tim DeChristopher and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg on how far we need to break the rules in order to reverse climate change.
    Details and tickets on the Rubin website.

    Tuesday, November 10th  - New York
    What We're Fighting For Now Is Each Other (Book Talk)
    Center for Earth Ethics.  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Author Wen Stephenson will discuss his book What We're Fighting For Now is Each Other, with activist Tim DeChristopher and Center for Earth Ethics Director Karenna Gore. In What We’re Fighting For Now is Each Other, Stephenson, a former journalist at The Atlantic and The Boston Globe and a contributor to The Nation, embarks on a personal journey to explore the current state of the climate justice movement in the United States, “a movement that’s less like environmentalism as we know it and more like the human rights and social justice struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries.” Books will be available for purchase at this event.
    Details and Registration

    Thursday, November 5th - West Hartford, CT
    Connecticut Climate Stewardship Summit  
    Tim DeChristopher offering afternoon keynote
    Hosted by Interreligious Eco-Justice Network
    The Interreligious Eco-Justice Network invites you to the 3rd Annual Climate Stewardship Summit on Thursday, November 5 from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm at Congregation Beth Israel, 701 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT. Come hear nationally-known preacher, author, and radio host, Deacon Art Miller, as well as celebrated climate activist Tim DeChristopher, tell their stories.  Please join us for a day-long conference as we seek integrated and multi-faith strategies to not only prevent climate change and environmental injustice, but to combat poverty and restore dignity to both people and the planet.
    Registration on Eventbrite
    Facebook Event

    Wednesday, October 21st - RADIO
    Interview on The Forcast

    Tim will be guest on The Forecast, a monthly show on climate change broadcast and livestreamed on WRFI, the community radio station in Ithaca, NY.  In the two years since they've been on the air, The Forecast has had terrific guests  -- Professors Mark Jacobson, Tony Ingraffea, Sandra Steingraber, Dahr Jamail, Lindsay Abrams from, Phil Aroneaunu from, and most recently, Jonathan Lunine.
    The Forcecast website

    Sunday, October 18th - Burlington, VT
    First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington
    Tim DeChristopher preaching on "The Systemic Evil of Prison."  Tim will share stories from his time in prison and reflect on their theological significance for our understanding of evil and our work to create a just world.
    Services at 9am and 11am.
    Details at

    Saturday, October 17th - Burlington, VT
    Leading Action on Climate: Tools for Faith Communities
    Vermont Interfaith Power and Light will host its Fall Conference at Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier on Saturday October 17, from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Our keynote speaker will be Harvard Divinity School student/Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher.
    Details at

  • Tim DeChristopher: End All New Fossil Fuel Leasing on Public Lands

    On today's episode of Democracy Now! Tim discusses the #KeepItInTheGround campaign and the launch of the new Climate Disobedience Center.

    Segment description via Democracy Now!
    A coalition of more than 400 organizations have called on the White House to stop issuing new fossil fuel leases on public lands and oceans. More than 67 million acres of public land and ocean are already leased to the fossil fuel industry. The coalition says that declaring unleased oil, gas and coal on public lands as "unburnable" would accomplish more in the global fight against climate change than any other single action taken by the Obama administration. Joining us to discuss the new campaign is climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher. In 2008, DeChristopher spent 21 months in federal prison after he disrupted an oil and gas leasing auction on public land in Utah by posing as a bidder. Tim DeChristopher is now one of the co-founders of the new Climate Disobedience Center, which is among the many organizations calling for the end to all new fossil fuel leases on public lands.

    Cross posted on the Climate Disobedience Center website.

  • published Announcing the new Climate Disobedience Center in Home 2015-09-15 10:44:15 -0400

    Announcing the Climate Disobedience Center website

    Big day...  Not only is Tim at the #KeepItInTheGround event in front of the White House, this morning the new Climate Disobedience Center website went live.  Below is a brief overview of the CDC by Tim and Jay O'Hara.  Make sure to visit and share! 

    Climate Disobedience Center

    Founded by Tim DeChristopher, Marla Marcum, Jay O'Hara and Ken Ward, the Climate Disobedience Center brings together an experienced team of climate dissidents to provide logistical, legal and spiritual resources, on the ground assistance, and advice to climate activists organizing civil disobedience campaigns across the country

    The Center will deploy those assets to nurture strong, grounded communities of resistance willing to take risks of moral imagination. We are committed to supporting those who hold allegiance to a higher moral law from action design through the legal process and consequences of action.

    The goal is for the Climate Disobedience Center to serve as a catalyst for direct action, creating points of vivid moral clarity, emboldening both climate activists and the unlikeliest of allies, capturing the heart and soul of the climate debate. 

    Climate Disobedience Center founders O'Hara, DeChristopher, Marcum, Ward hold photo of Lobster Boat Blockade action at press conference

    For 30 years environmentalists have attempted to change the United State's and world's trajectory on fossil fuel emissions through incremental reform efforts. Drawing on conventional wisdom, environmental advocates believed their efforts would lead to sufficient incremental change to avert disaster. Those efforts have failed, and in the ensuing decades the magnitude and urgency of the crisis has escalated dramatically. Drawing on current science, we recognize that what is needed is a massive, decisive end to the fossil fuel era to avert the worst cascading effects of the climate crisis.

    We recognize that what is needed is a massive, decisive end to the fossil fuel era to avert the worst cascading effects of the climate crisis, and that civil disobedience will play a critical role in bringing this about.

    Climate activists engaging in civil disobedience, the Climate Disobedience Center exists to get your back.  Rather than a set curriculum, we offer flexible services to help meet the needs of activists and organizing communities.  Everything we do revolves around our principles instead of a structure.  Our goal is to encourage experimentation that expands the boundaries of climate movement organizing.  We aren’t looking for foot soldiers, but partners in experimentation. 


    If you and your community want to do civil disobedience but aren’t sure where or how to start, the CDC can facilitate trainings that help you pull off a successful campaign.

    If you have already taken action and gotten into some good trouble, the CDC can help you make the most of it.  We can help you craft your strategy inside and outside the courtroom.

    For activists who are taking bold, creative and principled action against the fossil fuel industry, we provide our services, from phone consultation to extended on-the-ground organizing, free of charge.

    Visit the Climate Disobedience Center

    District Attorney Sam Sutter makes history siding with Lobster Boat Blockade protesters, Jay O'Hara and Ken Ward.

  • Utah for Bernie Sanders Hosts Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher



     Watch Live Stream Here


    Utah for Bernie Sanders, a grassroots organization, is excited to present a night of music and educational discourse of  current environmental and climate change issues facing our nation and the world. Tim DeChristopher, prominent environmental activist and founder of Peaceful Uprising, will speak at the Salt Lake Impact Hub, 150 South State Street, #1, Salt Lake City, Friday, August 14, 2015. The free event will begin at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time and can also be viewed via livestream at

    In addition to Mr. DeChristopher, musician Pablo Blaqk will perform. Pablo Blaqk is also an environmental activist and founder of the GreenCity Music Festival, an Eco friendly fest which features huge acts to support green ideas in energy, food, clothing, and re-purposed designs.

    DeChristopher will discuss his experiences with climate justice that began in 2008 when he single-handedly prevented the controversial sale of Utah public lands for oil and gas leases through a spontaneous act of civil disobedience. For his civil protest, he was sent to prison for 21 months.  His creative and effective approach received wide media coverage, and was the subject of the independent film, Bidder 70.  DeChristopher went on to co-found Peaceful Uprising, a nonprofit collective committed to action to combat the climate crisis and build a just, healthy world. It works toward achieving climate justice and illuminating the relationship between the destruction of the planet and social oppression and inequality.

    Read more

  • Tim DeChristopher keynote at the 2015 Waterkeeper Conference

    Watch Tim DeChristopher's talk at the June 2015 Waterkeeper Conference in Boulder, Colorado. 

    Since its inception, the Annual Waterkeeper Conference has been the cornerstone of our movement.  The conference educates, inspires, and energizes individual Waterkeeper organizations and strengthens their fight for clean water. As the Waterkeeper movement increases its global presence, the annual conference becomes increasingly important as a way to keep Waterkeeper organizations connected, to maintain the unique Waterkeeper identity, and to increase the effectiveness of the individual organizations.

    Read more

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    - Tim 


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  • published Bidder 70 Film in Projects 2015-02-26 13:09:17 -0500

    Bidder 70


    The award winning documentary film, Bidder 70, shares the story of Tim DeChristopher blocking an illegal Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Oil and Gas lease auction, through years of postponed trails, ongoing organizing work, and the trial. The film concludes with his sentencing and being immediately removed from the court.  For his civil disobedience, Tim was sentenced to two years in federal prison. He was released on April 21, 2013 after being incarcerated for 21 months.

    "And when you consider that weeks after DeChristopher bid on his 13 parcels, a federal judge in essence agreed with him and blocked the sale of all the parcels, DeChristopher's prosecution becomes even more troubling. Add to that the fact that the Obama Administration's Dept of Interior said the overall sale was improper and pulled all the parcels from auction and DeChristopher's prosecution borders on absurd. DeChristopher's defense team was barred from bringing either of these facts to the attention of the jury in arguing their case. There's something radically wrong with this picture."  Robert Redford

    Bidder 70 was produced by Beth & George Gage, and has won 20 major film festival awards.

    Local Screenings
    I am presently studying at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, MA.  If you would like to hold a Bidder 70 screening in the Greater Boston area, please let us know. FORM LINK? I may be able to attend and hold a Q&A session following the film.

    Watch the official Bidder 70 trailer below. 



TV producer, educator, activist work with a growing circle of climate leaders on media and digital strategy.
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