Paradigms and Barack Obama's End of New Coal Leasing on Public Land


The Obama administration has announced plans to end all new coal mining leases on public lands.  This move comes shortly after a coalition of 400+ organizations launched the Keep It in the Ground campaign in September 2015. 

Tim DeChristopher was among those speaking at the campaign kickoff in front of the White House calling for President Obama to stop issuing new leases for all fossil fuel extraction on public lands and oceans.

Tim spoke with Democracy Now! about the campaign following its launch. This interview was replayed today on Democracy Now! in their coverage of Obama's decision.

"So there’s another 450 gigatons that could be kept in the ground by ending fossil fuel leasing. So it’s a major demand, and it’s something that I think is kind of a new step for the climate movement, for a lot of the mainstream groups that were a part of this coalition and are a part of this campaign, that we’re saying we’re no longer operating from a paradigm of deviating from the status quo, or operating from the paradigm of looking at the challenge of climate change and what’s actually necessary, and we’re going to find a way to make that happen."

You can expect Tim to be speaking on this subject in his upcoming events and media appearances, as well as about today's Delta 5 verdict.


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