Invitation to participate in Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Climate Justice Training

The following is an invitation to participate in the GROW climate justice training for UU Young Adults this Summer in Chigaco. Cross posted from the UU College of Social Justice website.
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 GROW Climate Justice Facilitators

In the time that I’ve been a part of the climate justice movement, I’ve seen great strides forward in our organizing.  I’ve also seen some important gaps that need to be addressed in order to deepen our work and support the people doing it.  As activists we need to develop our own spiritual practices and shared spaces that ground us in our deepest principles and honor ourselves as whole people.  We need ways of acknowledging the increasingly hard truths of the climate crisis without clinging to the fragile optimism that everything will be okay.  We need the boldness to confront our privilege, engage with more marginalized communities, and empower diverse leadership.  Of course we need to be constantly refining our organizing skills and developing creative new methods.  And last but certainly not least in my book, we need more singing!

These are some of the factors that drove me to Harvard Divinity School as the next step in my activist path.  As part of my field ed there, I’ve been working with the UU College of Social Justice to develop a climate justice workshop for young adults as part of the Commit2Respond initiative. We’re calling it GROW Climate Justice, the Grounded & Resilient Organizers’ Workshop.  I’ve pulled together some of my old friends and allies to facilitate 5 days of trainings, exercises and dialogue about what we as young UUs can bring to the climate justice movement.

If you share my commitment to working for climate justice in spiritually grounded ways that reinforce our UU principles, please join me in Chicago this summer.  I’m organizing GROW Climate Justice because I think powerful things can happen by bringing great young people with shared values together with some of the deepest thinkers in the movement.  We want this to meet your needs, so let us know in the application what you’d like to get out of this workshop.  This is about building our movement, so there will also be plenty of time built into the schedule to collectively figure out what kind of network structure and resources will best support our work moving forward.

I hope to see you in Chicago!

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Tim DeChristopher


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  • Maya Sage
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    Hey, did you notice ‘Unitarian’ is misspelled in the title?