Help Stop Intimidation of Anti-Fracking Activist in Maryland!

Please join us in demanding Calvert County State’s Attorney Laura Martin stop prosecuting citizens for reporting police misconduct. CLICK HERE to send a letter calling for an end to this intimidation.  For more background, see post below by Rising Tide North America. ~ Tim 

An anti-fracking activist in Maryland is being prosecuted for filing a police report.

Last February Heather Doyle and Carling Sothoron, activists fighting the construction of Dominion Energy’s fracked gas export terminal near Cove Point, scaled a construction crane to drop a banner reading “Dominion, go home. No gas exports. Don’t frack Maryland. Save Cove Point.” Calvert County Police responded to the protest with violence and ineptitude, risking Heather and Carling’s lives. Following their court proceedings Heather and Carling filed an official complaint. Now Heather is being prosecuted for filing a complaint about police misconduct.

Dominion Energy is pressuring police and prosecutors to intimidate opponents of their dangerous projects. (1)

Send an e-mail to the Calvert County State’s Attorney demanding they drop these outrageous charges.

For four years the community of Cove Point, Maryland has been fighting Dominion’s export facility, designed to send fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale across the globe. Residents are concerned by the health effects of the the facility, the spectre of fracking in Maryland and the possibility of a catastrophic accident.

Meanwhile Dominion Energy pays the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office to intimidate residents and activists. It’s not illegal to report police misconduct, but Calvert County is conspiring with Dominion to quell any resistance to this dangerous project.

Carling and Heather acknowledge that the police violence they experienced was a result of intentional political protest and understand that their experiences with the criminal justice system are different than those of Black, Brown, and poor folks. But we believe it is important to stand up to these ugly tactics designed to distract us and exhaust our resolve.

Tell State’s Attorney Lisa Martin to stop intimidating fracked gas opponents and drop her ridiculous charges against Heather Doyle.

Love and Solidarity,
Rising Tide North America

PS - You can donate to Heather’s legal fund here.

(1)  TruthOut: When Police Harass Cove Point Protesters, Is Dominion Getting What It Paid for?



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