GROW Climate Justice Training and Crowdfunding on Faithify

This Summer, I am leading a week-long climate justice training for Unitarian Universalist young adults called the Grounded and Resilient Organizer’s Workshop. This is part of my field education for seminary and is part of the national Commit2Respond campaign.

If you share my commitment to working for climate justice in spiritually grounded ways, there are a number of ways you can help advance this work:

  1. Attend This Training
    If you are a Unitarian Universalist young adult, consider attending this training.  You may read a longer invitation from me and find the event details here. The application link is at the very end of that page.
  2. Support This Training
    We're raising the funds to bring an amazing team together, as well as significantly subsidizing the cost for participants.  Through April 22, 2015 you can make a donation to our crowdfunding campaign on Faithify. Thank you for any support you can offer.

  3. Support Future Events
    Your donations through this site help underwrite the cost of my leading a growing range of workshops, as well projects to support and mentor climate activists.  You may make a one-time donation or become a monthly sustainer. These donations are incredibly helpful as my time is increasingly in demand as a mentor for those facing trial for civil disobedience.

  4. Organize An Event
    This spiritually grounded and resilient organizers climate justice training is only the beginning.  We need to be organizing an increasing number of events of this kind. If you are a representative from an organization that would like to host an event of this nature, please contact us with your interest. Note that I have limited time this next year while I am in seminary, but this is a good time to start long range planning.  

You may learn more about the training, crowdfunding campaign and watch a message from me in the video below. 

Training and Crowdfunding Endorsement

 “A hurting world badly needs confident, resilient organizers who can help shift our societies on to a workable path. The people involved in this project are some of the finest, deepest advocates our planet has–any young adult would gain immeasurably from working with them.” -Bill McKibben, writer, activist, and founder of

“GROW Climate Justice is a powerful way we can support the rising generation as they face the enormous challenges of climate change. The workshop will help these activists join their passion and commitment with concrete organizing skills, and will ground them in music, spiritual practices, and the strength of community they will find in one another.” -Rev. Kathleen McTigue

“There are a lot of ways to get trained for justice-making work. Few of them have the clarity around intersections of oppression, our economic system and climate that GROW offers – fewer still equip leaders with practices to sustain the spirit and buoy up the brokenhearted.” -Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen

“The team of presenters they’ve enlisted is world-class.  It will bring wisdom, expertise and invaluable on-the-ground experience for what is sure to be a game-changing training.   I applaud and gratefully encourage their work.  Let’s do it.” -Rev. Kurt Kurwald

“I am so grateful for the leadership of Unitarian Universalist young adults who are growing the climate justice movement.  They bring me hope “when hope is hard to find.” Please help fund this network so people can still give each other “a rose in the summertime” long into the future.” – Susan Leslie, UUA Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director

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