Finally! The Climate Workshop Podcast is Here!

For nearly two years, Peter Bowden and I have been talking about creating a podcast. Whenever we would have great conversations about dealing with climate chaos or the state of social movements, Peter would say, "We've got to be sharing these conversations." Or when I would come back from a trip visiting with insightful thought leaders and activists, Peter would say, "You've got to be sharing those conversations you're having. People need to hear this."

After a couple false starts over the past couple years, we finally got serious about it this fall. We're calling this the Climate Workshop Podcast because we're "workshopping" the emerging ideas at the boundaries of the climate change discourse, and because we are very conscious of the fact that all our talking needs to be connected to actually doing the work of defending a livable and humane future. Our tag line is, "Working through the challenges of the climate crisis from the uncharted to the unthinkable."


We've spent the past few months recording, editing, setting up the website, and putting all the pieces together to make this work. Yesterday we finally made our first three episodes live. I didn't realize until this morning that we happened to launch exactly nine years to the day since I disrupted that oil and gas auction back in 2008. 

Moving forward, we hope to release a couple episodes a month. Some episodes will feature guests and some will be me and Peter. Our first guest, in episode 2, is Rev. Mariama White-Hammond of Bethel AME Church in Boston. It's a wide-ranging conversation about how climate change is connected to so many other social justice struggles, which is exactly the kind of conversations we hope to continue sharing on the Climate Workshop Podcast. 

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