Concerned Citizens Serve #FERC Employees Pancakes and Maple Syrup for #PancakesNotPipelines!

This morning Tim DeChristopher, Josh Fox, Megan Holleran, BeyondExtremeEnergy and others are at  FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, serving maple syrup and pancakes for #PancakesNotPipelines!  We'll share tweets and other coverage here and a full post with details after the action.  Thanks for helping to spread the word.

By way of background, Megan Holleran’s family lost a court battle to save their maple trees and from eminent domain seizure for the construction of the interstate Constitution Pipeline. The destruction of 90% of the Holleran’s maple trees ended the associated commercial operation.

Press Advisory by BXE Action

On Thursday March 24 at noon, Josh Fox, Bethany Yarrow, Karenna Gore, and Tim DeChristopher, together with Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE), and families, concerned citizens and landowners, will cook and serve pancakes at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), to protest its role in wrecking the Holleran family maple farm in New Milford PA. FERC’s pipeline permit gave the Constitution Pipeline Company and its chainsaw team – flanked by heavily-armed federal marshals – the supposed “right” to clear-cut Hollerans’ the maple tree stand on the family farm, in the middle of the maple sugaring season, despite the pipeline not having all the necessary permits from state agencies.

The pancakes will be cooked using solar power, and served with maple syrup – to honor the Hollerans and their farm – to FERC employees and passersby.

The protest will confront FERC for their reckless and dangerous behavior that helped Constitution seize property by eminent domain and prematurely cut the Hollerans’ trees. BXE will also demand that FERC stop issuing permits for the new pipelines and other projects supporting the expansion of the fracked gas industry, which is ruining our neighborhoods and countryside , threatening the health and safety of all of us, and adding to the climate crisis.

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