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  • commented on The Value of Protest 2015-07-24 11:28:34 -0400
    It was nice of Tim to notify me of my friend Kevin Zeese’s recent comments in this thread, but I would have preferred he read what I wrote. It’s not that elections or the Democratic Party are unimportant. It’s that Tim is the rare person who has served serious jail time for his beliefs. I find that in general American protesters are deeply committed to being ignorant of how Gandhi’s satyagraha differs from popular protest practice in the US. I’m critical of American culture in general and assert that current American culture is best described as having “pride in ignorance.” Ignorance is part of being human, but pride in ignorance is spiritually ugly. I have Tim’s private contact info, but he didn’t give them to me. i’d prefer that this communication be sufficient to start at least some private dialog. I’ve encountered too many activists who consider all nonviolence means is " I didn’t hit anybody today." Tim should be willing to discuss nonviolent resistance technique. Others should,too. I am at [email protected]

activist for 9/11 truth since 2002/antinuclear power activist since 1977/guerilla theater practitioner since 1970's
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