Discussion with the Design for Social Innovation program at SVU

This Fall I had the opportunity to speak to students of SVA's Design for Social Innovation program as part of their Fall 2015 Global Guest Lecture Series. Here's the video of our discussion, hosted by Schuyler Brown.  Thanks to Schuyler and the students for a great conversation. 

Schuyler Brown is a communications advisor and trends analyst who has worked with leading global brands including Facebook, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, and Levi’s. She is Strategy Director and Founding Partner of Sightful and faculty for the Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Follow her on Twitter at @schuylerbrown.

Design for Social Innovation at SVA is the first MFA program in the rapidly growing field of social impact design. It was created as a path for designers who want to lead strategic work within business, government, or the nonprofit sector to solve social and environmental problems, and for people from other fields who want to master design as a process for driving positive social impact. More at http://dsi.sva.edu/

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