Breaking: Civil Disobedience, Arrests at FERC #PancakesNotPipelines Protest

Following serving pancakes and maple syrup to employees of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, concerned citizens blocked all traffic into FERC.  The following tweets are in reverse chronological order.

Read Press Advisory by BXE Action.

UPDATE:  Josh is out of jail and made his DC panel!

Read previous post on serving pancakes and maple syrup to employees of FERC,

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  • August Braun
    commented 2016-03-27 18:53:31 -0400
    Vera Scroggins: Proving Joshie is being paid by billionaire foundations is simple. The Park Foundation of Ithaca, NY has funded all of his movies including his yet to be released one which has a trailer and the Park Foundation is posted as a funder at the end of the trailer (did you know Joshie went to 6 different continents and 12 countries to make the movie? great way to save the planet with all that filthy jet fuel : > ). I have a spread sheet put out by the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin showing all the money paid to not only Fox, but all the other “grass roots, non – profits” NGOs to the tune of almost $6,000,000 by just Park alone. Unfortunately my other computer is in the shop but I will gladly supply the spreadsheet tomorrow if you have the chutzpah to reply to this post. As I’ve stated, Fox and his ilk are obsessed only with killing fossil fuels (all oil an gas operations) which accounts for only 29% of all methane emissions and fracking only a tiny portion of that. Since the release of Gasland, Fox has done ZERO with regard to banning the 71% sources outlined by the EPA. Thus it is easily stated that you, Fox, and all those like both of you are up to something other than stopping climate change. If you were being truthful about stopping CC, you all would have gone after ALL sources and not just nat gas. To prove how disingenuous you and Joshie are, you have never mentioned any of the methane sources mentioned by the EPA until now. This glaring omission speaks volumes that Joshie’s little crusade is about something other than saving the planet. When the Feds finally nail down the money trail outlined in their report Joshie will be exposed for the fraud he is. He may even go to jail along with some of his benefactor billionaire friends.
  • Polly Rich
    commented 2016-03-27 18:35:17 -0400
    I will add my part too, passing on to August that China and India ARE getting on board with nearly 200 world leaders signing on to lower their emissions – thanks to the Paris Climate Accord. Actually signing of this Accord is to take place at the UN on Earth Day or sometime around then. There are no excuses anymore, with so much knowledge out there. So yes, I agree with Charlie that it is time for us to all engage in our stewardship of this planet, and do our part….there is much to do! I hope to initiate soon, with grants from the state of CA, to help create city training on preparing for our transition to a clean energy economy, much like we do that here in CA for earthquakes. I welcome your input from our campaign website dedicated to this – – Thanks for the conversation, all!
  • Charlie Pierce
    commented 2016-03-27 15:22:45 -0400
    Thank you, Vera. I have the same thoughts as you, but today is Easter, a day many of us thankfully re-dedicate ourselves to being good stewards of our beautiful, bountiful planet. When one uses lies and deceit to, in his mind “win” a discussion, there is no purpose to continue such a dialogue. August thinks he can convince non-thinkers by deliberately making up things as he goes along. Sadly, those non-thinkers accept his word as truth. The world suffers accordingly.
  • Vera Scroggins
    commented 2016-03-27 14:30:53 -0400
    Well, August, in the EPA link you posted and referenced and did not quote: also says: “(Methane) CH4 is more efficient at trapping radiation than CO2. Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is more than 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year period” and it also says: “Globally, over 60% of total CH4 emissions come from human activities. 1 Methane is emitted from industry, agriculture, and waste management activities, described below.” and Industry is mentioned first……and explained as: “Industry. Natural gas and petroleum systems are the largest source of CH4 emissions from industry in the United States.” and August, can you give proof/reference for alleging that millionaires fund Josh Fox and that land is being grabbed in NY by millionaires who support anti-fracking…..? yes, I and some others are also, concerned about the methane emissions from other sources and want to see that greatly reduced…
  • August Braun
    commented 2016-03-27 10:24:00 -0400
    Charlie Pierce: Am I correct in assuming that you believe Josh Fox and NOT the EPA and their website? If that is true, you and all those who believe Fox’s Trojan Horse scheme are in dire need of help. If you so despise the EPA, why don’t you and Joshie start a campaign to dismantle it? Why doesn’t Fox also address the 71% of the methane leaks from manure – 10%, enteric fermentation – 26%, landfills – 18%, “other” 8%, and coal mines – 10%? After all, if you were to totally stop all fossil fuels from being extracted, you still have the aforementioned 71% left which nothing has been done about. Fox is being paid by billionaire foundations, and he, with his friends in the “grass roots, non -profit” non – governmental organizations (NGOs), are waging a war of misinformation and too many folks are buying into it. If you doubt my assertion about the billionaires, who LOVE buying cheap land, check out this 92 page report from the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works which goes into great detail about the financial tsunami that is being supplied by these billionaire foundations – Even you have to admit that if Fox were really sincere about “saving the planet”, why is he totally ignoring 71% of the problem? Why isn’t he demonstrating in front of the U.N. demanding that China and India, with 1/3 of the planet’s population, cease and desist from building coal – fired power plants? Why indeed……
  • Polly Rich
    commented 2016-03-26 17:39:52 -0400
    Folks, all of your discussion is worthy: the point is, bringing public attention to it all is CRUCIAL, especially during this presidential season. The candidates who actually stand up for action is what is crucial. Forget the Republican Party. They have been petrified back into the 19th century. August, I TOTALLY AGREE that agriculture is part of the climate change talk. I also suggest support for Senator Sanders and for and Events happen soon in DC on the last 2. THIS WILL MAKE VALUABLE BREAKTHROUGHS on all these challenges. Let’s keep talking folks!
  • Charlie Pierce
    commented 2016-03-26 16:03:24 -0400
    Oh, for God’s sake believe FERC and the equally inept EPA! 44 of us spoke at a FERC hearing in Oneonta, NY against fracking, both proposed pipelines here in NYS and a 52,000 HP compressor station one mile uphill from two public schools, and also one mile uphill above my village home. (Look up the pictures of Blenheim Village burning, and burning to death inhabitants after “competent” low pressure pipeline repairmen fixed a small 7# low pressure pipeline above that village. Compare with two 36 inch over 600# proposed pipelines literally feet from peoples’ homes) Four spoke in favor of the same. At the end of the hearing the FERC “manager,” paid by taxpayers, stood up on the stage and arrogantly said, “I haven’t heard even one comment against the pipelines or natural gas industry tonight!” FERC, with its employees who also work or have worked for the energy industry, has a record of approving 100% of the energy industries’ requests including eminent domain requests to illegally take private properties for PRIVATE, profitable use. Having an avalanche slow its speed by 15% really takes away any fear of what is likely to happen! Perhaps “your ilk” has been consuming too much C2H5OH with resulting squash-rot! It’s a scientific process you likely wouldn’t understand.
  • August Braun
    commented 2016-03-26 13:15:58 -0400
    Charlie: Like I said, this obsession with only nat gas and fossil fuels while you and your ilk ignores the other 71% of methane sources is a distraction and nothing more. There is a hidden agenda somewhere in all of this. Here’s the EPA link again which proves my assertion – A quote from the page is rather enlightening as well: “Methane (CH4) emissions in the United States decreased by almost 15% between 1990 and 2013. During this time period, emissions increased from sources associated with agricultural activities, while emissions decreased from sources associated with the exploration and production of natural gas and petroleum products.” And yet to read all of Josh Fox’s BS and propaganda, fossil fuels and nat gas in particular, are driving us to Armageddon while the EPA says something different. Gee, who to believe? LOL!!!!!!!!
  • Charlie Pierce
    commented 2016-03-26 12:54:13 -0400
    August…Happy Easter! Children on Earth are dying from disease, starvation, continuous bombing and shooting, and playing in traffic. Are you saying we shouldn’t be simultaneously concerned with one or all of those issues? Or the melting of ice tens of thousands of years old which has caused whole now-submerged island populations to exit? In my opinion we were given a beautiful, BALANCED Earth….and have been given the choice to be good stewards or to wantonly destroy it. We have also been given incredible brains capable of figuring out very complex issues. The sun’s energy is converted to sugars, starches (complex sugars) or cellulose (complex starches) and stored as topsoil, oil, natural gas and coal. Some may think those energy stores have been part of the scheme allowing us to have emergency power, perhaps to be used in limited amounts along with solar, wind and water power energy. Burning all those at once (oxidizing) releases all that stored heat, and consumes our important oxygen needed for all animal life, as it “captures” those oxygen atoms by combining with carbon atoms in forming CO2. People, maybe even you, have more and more serious breathing problems as 10,000 acres of The RainForest are cut daily. One tree transpires 250 gallons of water per day as it releases O2 from the CO2 in the air. In water CO2 forms carbolic acid making the oceans acidic (dissolving calcium animal shells,) and adding to the acidity of our oxygen-depleted air (even galvanized mailboxes rust in months.) Warm water can hold LESS OXYGEN…which also causes migrating fish to die in “hot” streams. Fishing is better in cooler Canada. The oceans were to forever provide more than enough food for any sized world population…but animals can’t live in very warm, oxygen-starved acidic water bodies. The winds we enjoy and the ocean currents are the result of “cold” and “warm” air masses, or water masses which have different weights. Colder means more dense with heavier weights. They push under the lighter arm masses. The cold air flips leaves on trees just before a storm. It is an unbelievably perfectly balanced system which for the purpose of greed is being destroyed giving The Creator the finger. If we all die, the system will rebalance itself and start over in a few million years giving another group a choice to appreciate and protect, or destroy for selfish purposes.
  • August Braun
    commented 2016-03-26 08:58:41 -0400
    This is all a bunch of BS. The EPA says that landfills, enteric fermentation, manure, coal mining, and “other” generates 3x as much methane as all of the oil and gas industry combined. From the EPA website: “Methane (CH4) emissions in the United States decreased by almost 15% between 1990 and 2013. During this time period, emissions increased from sources associated with agricultural activities, while emissions decreased from sources associated with the exploration and production of natural gas and petroleum products.” The link to the EPA with a pie chart –
  • Charlie Pierce
    commented 2016-03-24 20:36:57 -0400
  • Polly Rich
    commented 2016-03-24 18:13:43 -0400
    Adding more: isn’t this the best way to usher in the sane, humane policies of a Sanders administration? Looking forward to voting in the CA primary in June. He is only 7 points behind the Establishment candidate.

    Let’s show the rest of Americans what he brings to the White House: no Fracking, the best record on climate change, and more.

    NY voters and those still voting in a primary: hoping you give Sanders a BIG BOOST!
    He will move us towards Renewables faster than any candidate, so we can figure, goodbye to pipelines and more. VOTE BERNIE for a sane future!

    And join me in DC, for the event at the Washington Mall, APRIL 11 (part of 2-week effort to push Congress on rational policies for campaign reform, and more.

  • Vera Scroggins
    commented 2016-03-24 17:40:49 -0400
    thank you , brave , caring Souls for doing this and taking this big step to protest the risky, toxic gas pipelines that are being pushed on us by unscrupulous companies like Williams Energy and Kinder Morgan, etc… May our President step in and stop this violation of personal and property rights in America.
  • Polly Rich
    commented 2016-03-24 16:19:16 -0400
    This is becoming the new norm. A good thing we have some brave souls keeping up this new American tradition!
  • Charlie Pierce
    commented 2016-03-24 16:17:11 -0400
    Thank you to each of you who are there representing millions of us in NYS, especially Upstate NY. It’s time President Obama, and our “Senators” Schumer and Gillibrand stand up and represent “we,” the People. FERC is run by “leaders” who work off and on directly for the energy and pipeline companies they control. That is to say, they have a 100% record of approving every proposal put forth by energy and pipeline companies. We pay them well for their fraud and deceit! FERC illegally grants eminent domain specifically to allow pipelines to be built explicitly for exporting America’s energy giving huge profits to private businesses…all while back charging the entire multi-billion dollar costs to utility ratepayers in NY and New England states. To sell their stocks they boast of the profits of expected exports. Every New England state has loudly said they do not want nor need either pipeline. Senators, get a pair of votes and represent US! Cuomo hasn’t the spine in our corrupt state! Mayday, Mayday here in NYS!