Center for Earth Ethics Panel Discussion: Lessons from Grassroots Struggles

On  September 16,2015 I participated in the Ecology, Economy and Ethics: Mobilizing for a Just Transition conference held at Union Theological Seminary. The following is an excerpt of one of our panel conversations.  It was one of the best panels I've done, and I was particularly impressed with Lyla June Johnston. Thanks to the Center for Earth Ethics for organizing this event and making this excerpt available.


Panel Members
Henrik Grape, Church of Sweden
Tim DeChristopher, Climate Disobedience Center
Shay O'Reilly, Center for Earth Ethics
Lyla June Johnston, Nihígaal Bee Iiná/Center for Earth Ethics
Catherine Flowers, Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise/Center for Earth Ethics

The full 8 hour 45 minute archived conference video stream (including breaks) is available here.

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