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Friends, I’m excited to share some new developments for my activism. This year I’m taking steps to get more serious about communicating my ideas, integrating my public speaking with my organizing, and staying connected with the amazing people I meet doing this work – including you.

New Official Website

I’ve launched this new website to serve as the hub for my work and activism.  I’m working with my colleague, Peter Bowden, on communications.  I’ll tell you more about Peter in a later post. For now, just know that he’s helping me take my communication to a new level – this site, lead admin on my Facebook page, and covering events. 

Most important, through this site we are building a new community and network to support my justice work long term. I hope you’ll join us. 

Here’s the story…

Grounded In Community

Recently my work has included supporting others who engage in civil disobedience; helping strategize, mobilize and fundraise for various efforts; and constantly trying to deepen our understanding of what it means to stand up for climate justice.

I think I bring a unique holistic perspective and independent truth-telling to this work because my accountability is to a movement and a set of principles rather than to a specific campaign or an NGO.  But this turns out to be a rather lonely kind of activism.   

I appreciate my role in the climate movement, but also recognize that I can’t continue as an independent voice and leader on my own.   I need my to be anchored in community.  And that’s where I need your help.

Independence & Dissent

Will you help me build a community and network to support my work as an independent voice and leader?

Yes, I want to become a monthly sustainer of your justice work

The standard practice for our movement has been to appeal to a few foundations of concentrated wealth, set up nonprofit groups, and hire staff.  But that model has left big gaps of truths that remain unspoken and risks that remain untaken.  It has created accountability to a tiny group of funders rather than accountability to a movement.  I operate within and among many of those organizations, but I try to maintain the independence to say the things that others won’t.  If we are going to have a movement that speaks truth to power, we need to rethink how we fund that movement. 

If you can donate $5 or $10 a month, I can do the climate justice work that I am called to do regardless of whether there is a paycheck attached.  

What does this work look like?

It is supporting folks engaging in civil disobedience, and work with the new Climate Disobedience Center. 

It is mentoring a new generation of young activists as a member of the wisdom council of the Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth. 

It is training and organizing Unitarian Universalists as with the upcoming GROW Climate Justice training. 

It will include writing, preaching, speaking and engaging with the media.

Moving forward it will also include plenty of experimenting and acting on whatever opportunities arise.

I know it is asking a lot for you to trust my sense of where I need to be, where I can have the greatest impact.  But this is exactly what many of you have been telling me you want and need me to do.

Will you become a monthly sustainer of my work?  

Yes, I want to become a monthly sustainer of your justice work

We all know this is not the way things are usually done, without agreed upon measurables, deliverables and timesheets.  But as we try to rise to the unprecedented challenge of the climate crisis, we will have to try new things.  This is an experiment for this moment, in the same way that Peaceful Uprising was for a different moment six years ago. 

You’ve asked me to keep doing what I’ve been doing, and to do so, I need you. 

We are launching this community and network now so we can reach critical mass by the time I complete Harvard Divinity School (and federal probation).  That’s one year to build a community to serve as the foundation for my ongoing justice work.    

Please join this site -- you’ll receive email updates -- and offer any financial support you can.  You may make a one time donation or become a monthly sustainer at any level.

Thanks for your support and trust.

Tim DeChristopher

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