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  • commented on The Value of Protest 2015-07-21 22:09:22 -0400
    Oooo. The roiling bubbling, uncomfortable friction of actual communication. Not smooth dialog, not well-rehearsed talking points, but the type of communication that lets you see how little communication is actually happening. Can Bernie talk to black people? How often has he actually done so? When was the last time there was a populist anti-corporatist who could really talk to the people? Nader couldn’t, not really. Maybe Bernie needs accompaniment, like Luther, Obama’s anger translator.

    Bernie: “90 percent of the wealth is held by 1 percent of the people.”
    Burly, Joe the Plumber-type next to him: “Rich people be real rich. They own this world! We getting trampled!”
    Bernie: “We instituted community policing in Burlington. Outside forces create an atmosphere of intimidation.”
    Translator: “Cops roll in my town from the burbs, looking all fat-gutted in they bullet vests. Who gonna shoot you, copper? You stopping jaywalkers! Take the vest off and lemme slip you half a j and a bbq sandwich, then see if your shooting worries rise or rise.”
    Bernie: “The criminal justice system is systemically incentivized so ask to lead it toward being corrupt.”
    Translator: “Rich dudes make money off your trouble. You do a nickle, they make a dime. And who’s paying? We all pay, my friends.”

    And, here …

    “Say her name! say her name! …”
    Bernie: “Systemic inequality jobs living wage blah blah …”
    “Sandra! Her name was Sandra! Saaaaaaannnnnndddddrrrrraaaaa! Sandra sandra sandra got snuffed by some cops too happy bout their paycheck to and putting a sister on lockdown to check on her neck. SSSSSAAAANNNNDDDRRRAAA. Now shut the eff up so daddy can talk!”

  • commented on The Paradigms Lying Around 2015-07-08 11:05:51 -0400
    Yeah dude. Here’s my new thought for a movement: “Let’s Not Make it Worse.” It seems like it’s kind of too late to make it better. So let’s not make a climate crisis worse by adding civil war on top of it.