2015 Annual Waterkeeper Conference


Tim DeChristopher will be one of the keynotes at the 2015 Waterkeeper Conference.

Since its inception, the Annual Waterkeeper Conference has been the cornerstone of our movement.  The conference educates, inspires, and energizes individual Waterkeeper organizations and strengthens their fight for clean water. As the Waterkeeper movement increases its global presence, the annual conference becomes increasingly important as a way to keep Waterkeeper organizations connected, to maintain the unique Waterkeeper identity, and to increase the effectiveness of the individual organizations.

Nearly 300 Waterkeepers, water experts and stakeholders convene each year to share information and insights from our global network, learn cutting-edge advocacy strategies, and be reinvigorated to continue their work protecting their watersheds and leading the fight for clean water. To promote the sharing of forward-looking strategies and the development of new tools to address threats to our communities and waterways, the annual conference brings together renowned experts to share their knowledge in workshops, strategy sessions and roundtable discussions, and to share their vision for a more sustainable world in plenary speeches.

The conference features more than 30 panels over its three days covering topics such as environmental law and economics, media and communications, organizational development, fundraising and water quality monitoring.

Conference Website

June 10, 2015 at 12pm - June 14, 2015
Millennium Harvest House, Boulder, Colorado

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