August Braun

  • commented on Breaking: Civil Disobedience, Arrests at FERC #PancakesNotPipelines Protest 2016-03-27 18:53:31 -0400
    Vera Scroggins: Proving Joshie is being paid by billionaire foundations is simple. The Park Foundation of Ithaca, NY has funded all of his movies including his yet to be released one which has a trailer and the Park Foundation is posted as a funder at the end of the trailer (did you know Joshie went to 6 different continents and 12 countries to make the movie? great way to save the planet with all that filthy jet fuel : > ). I have a spread sheet put out by the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin showing all the money paid to not only Fox, but all the other “grass roots, non – profits” NGOs to the tune of almost $6,000,000 by just Park alone. Unfortunately my other computer is in the shop but I will gladly supply the spreadsheet tomorrow if you have the chutzpah to reply to this post. As I’ve stated, Fox and his ilk are obsessed only with killing fossil fuels (all oil an gas operations) which accounts for only 29% of all methane emissions and fracking only a tiny portion of that. Since the release of Gasland, Fox has done ZERO with regard to banning the 71% sources outlined by the EPA. Thus it is easily stated that you, Fox, and all those like both of you are up to something other than stopping climate change. If you were being truthful about stopping CC, you all would have gone after ALL sources and not just nat gas. To prove how disingenuous you and Joshie are, you have never mentioned any of the methane sources mentioned by the EPA until now. This glaring omission speaks volumes that Joshie’s little crusade is about something other than saving the planet. When the Feds finally nail down the money trail outlined in their report Joshie will be exposed for the fraud he is. He may even go to jail along with some of his benefactor billionaire friends.